About Us


Dual Air Inc. was established on 30th day of January 2008. Managed and formed by well discipline and experience personnel in various field of construction, and engage in a wide range of engineering services.

Dual Air Inc. is duly 100% Filipino owned. And it was basically formed to cater the needs of the different industries.

Dual Air Inc. sales team are well experience in marketing and technically trained to provide customer support and after sales services in industries like: Semiconductors, Power Plants, Commercial Establishments, Automotive and Food Manufacturing companies.


Better air, better life.

Dual Air Inc. represent as the distributor for Ace Air Diffusion Sdn Bhd. products, which made us well verse and competitive.

Dual Air Inc. likewise, is the authorized dealer of American Air Filters (AAF) Malaysia, Motorized Valves and Actuators, Air Filters, “CSR” Fiberglass Insulation, Aluminum Duct Tapes , Air Grilles, Air Diffusers, Fire Dampers, Volume Dampers, Motorized Dampers and other HVAC products, which boost its commitment to provide quality products.

Dual Air Inc. also provides the latest information in technology to update each client by providing product seminars and trainings. Tied up with us is the commitment to work hand in hand to find solutions in every problem encountered by our customers.


Be the global leader in customer value.